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Overview with definitions.

Term                                     Declaration
Namasté Boutique.         namasteboutique.nl, the user of these terms and conditions, hereinafter
                                               called Namasté Boutique.

Agreement                        A agreement between Namasté Boutique and a client in respect of one or more Namasté Boutique products and / or services.

Conditions                          These Terms and Conditions of which Namasté Boutique the user is.

Customer                           The natural person or legal entity that has entered into an agreement with Namasté Boutique.

Consumer                          The Customer who is a natural person and not acting in the exercise of professional or business and enters into a distance contract with Namasté Boutique.

Products                             Matters such as cloths, gypsy skirts, kimono’s and other products offered on the Website.

Services                               Custom products offered by Namasté Boutique.

Website                              The internet site www.namasteboutique.nl

Webshop                            The on the Website active Webshop.

"Cooling off"                     The period during which the consumer can make use of his right of withdrawal.

Right of withdrawal        The possibility for the consumer to waive the distance contract within the cooling off period.

Length Transaction         A distance contract relating to a range of products, where the supply and / or purchase is spread over time.


Durable data carrier       Any means that the Customer or entrepreneur uses to store information addressed personally to him, in a way that it enables future consultation and unaltered reproduction of the stored information.








Article 1.

All our quotations, price lists and other publications are free of obligation, unless otherwise stated in writing. These terms and conditions are part of each agreement concluded by us with a buyer and apply to all deliveries of such agreements. No terms, conditions or uses of buyers are part of our agreements and terms, terms, conditions or use, unless we have accepted them in writing and expressly. In the event of a contravention of these terms with a buyer, these terms shall prevail unless we have confirmed to the buyer in writing that its terms prevale.

Article 2.

Our sales and deliveries are done at the prices applicable at the time of order. All prices are valid unless otherwise agreed in writing, excluding sales tax. For packaging material, such as cases, crates, containers, pallets, etc., which are not intended for single use, deposit/rouling costs may be charged. Upon return, provided that the above-mentioned packaging material is still in good condition, the invoiced deposit is credited/settled.

Article 3.

Prior to delivery, the supplier is entitled to increase the price of an order already placed by the customer if the supplier's costs are higher due to circumstances beyond supplier's power, such as but not limited to currency fluctuations, currency restrictions, changed import charges, increased customs tariffs, Increased cost of raw materials, increased production costs, etc. Supplier will always inform the customer as soon as reasonably possible of such a price increase and the customer is entitled to cancel the order of the product concerned by written notice within 8 days after announcement of the new price. In the absence of such cancellation, the customer is obliged to accept the new prices.

Article 4.

Payment of our invoices must be done in advance by iDEAL upon order. For each product, the expected delivery time is stated if it is out of stock.

Article 5.

In case of force majeure, which includes a circumstance that we can not influence or reasonably could have influenced and which makes it impossible for a delivery of any purchased matter to be released, we will be released from our obligations under the contract concluded with the buyer. A buyer can not claim compensation for damage suffered by us in case of force majeure. In case of temporary force majeure, we are entitled to extend the delivery time by the time during which temporary delay until delivery due to force majeure takes place. We will notify a buyer in writing or by telephone in case of delay in delivery due to force majeure.

A delay in delivery does not entitle the customer to cancel subsequent deliveries or purchase orders. If we can not deliver an item unexpectedly, the amount will be refunded.






Article 6.

Although the supplier does everything to make sure that the products are delivered corresponding to the goods ordered, the supplier can not guarantee that the goods delivered are fully identical to the sample shown when it comes to colors & patterns in the fabrics, provided that the difference is not as significant as compared to the specifications in the purchase order.

 Article 7.


All delivery times indicated by us are approximate and are valid when all delivery details are known. Delivery of an order can be made by us in parts as the goods might be partly ready in stock and partly not and in that case the invoices sent by us for those partial deliveries must be met by a buyer as stipulated in Art. 3. Delivery times shall be observed as much as possible, without a buyer being entitled to refusal of the goods, refusal to pay the purchase price or compensation for any damages. All reclamations related to the goods delivered must be submitted within 2 days of receipt of the business. After that period, reclamations can not be processed anymore. Returns of items delivered to us can only be made after our approval. Returns are only accepted if this freight has been shipped and shippingcosts are paid by buyer. Reclamations do not suspend the payment obligation.


Article 8.

Buyers cannot leave their items stored with us for delivery on call. All items are delivered according to Article 7.


Article 9.

We stand for a good quality of our products. If and as far as we provide warranty as most products are handmade, this warranty will consist of the warranty given by a manufacturer of a case. We do not give a guarantee other than what is lawfully determined. If for any reason we are liable for (product) damage, a buyer will be entitled to a legal compensation at most. We are never liable for indirect or consequential damages, nor for loss of sales and / or profit loss.


Article 10.

All our offers, offers and agreements are subject to Dutch law. All disputes between us and buyers will be ruled exclusively by the Dutch Civil Court. These terms have been deposited with us at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague.

 Article 11.


With regard to the texts in this webshop or on our website describing certain effects caused by the use of our products, we hereby explicitly state that these descriptions or statements of effects of their use are in no way scientifically substantiated; they must therefore be considered as indications or indications for the application of these products in the traditional sense.

Article 12

All mentioned amounts are excluding VAT for companies / stores and including VAT for individuals customers.

In all cases, the intellectual property of designs, models, specific material and color combinations remains at the supplier at all times.

The Hague, 1st July 2017.

Additional disclaimers.

Namasté Café / Namasté Boutique, hereinafter referred to as Namasté Café, publishes texts, images and other materials supplied by Namasté Café and third parties. Namasté Café reserves the right at any time to modify or remove parts without notice.

The information on the Website is intended to be non-binding and not as a concrete offer to conclude an agreement. Agreements are only concluded by acceptance of an offer of Namasté Café.

Important Notice on Liability.

Due to legal reasons, we ask your attention for the following: All information and services on Namasté Café / Namasté Boutique's internet pages are not intended to give the impression that liability is given. The only thing that can be derived from the implementation is that replacement or improvement of an incorrect statement or condition is guaranteed or promised.

Similarly, we want to explicitly state that the content of the pages is intended exclusively for the disclosure of information. This information does not in any way replace professional consultation or treatment by an accredited physician or a qualified natural healer. We can not accept any civil liability for claims that might arise from these publications/products on the Internet.

 Limited Liability.

The materials offered on the website are offered without any warranty or claim for accuracy. These materials may change at any time without prior notice from Namasté Café / Namasté Boutique.

In particular, all prices on the Website are subject to type and programming errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of such errors. No agreement is made based on such errors.

Indications on product performance always be the responsibility of the manufacturer, unless otherwise stated. Namasté Café / Namasté Boutique can not guarantee its functionality unless explicitly stated otherwise.


These disclaimers may be adjusted from time to time.

Namasté Café/Namasté Boutique.


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