Bosnian Orgonite Pyramids

From one of my favorite power places I regularly have orgonites, 100% unique, handmade and of course: These orgonites are made of natural resin from the Bosnian trees, gold leaf, gemstones and / or crystals from the Bosnian pyramids (Dragon, Moon, Sun or Love) and metal spirals etc. I have searched all over the world, but I really have the most beautiful orgonites. There is nothing artificial or fantasy-like, they are bright, completely natural and unique! Our orgonite maker sometimes gets 'flashes' as he puts it himself, with Divine inspiration for the orgonites. He makes it with love, his soul is in it and you can see it. As a result, he surpasses himself every time and we also receive new unique orgonites every time. These orgonites work very well against electromagnetic radiation such as 5G. Physical complaints due to 5G radiation are characterized by the following:
- sudden breathlessness, pressure in the chest. difficulty breathing. severe headache. muscle cramps
- itchy scalp / face
- bad sleeping, fatigue

Many people who experience sudden shortness of breath think they have Corona, but these are often complaints of 5G radiation. An orgonite helps and anyone who is surrounded by radiation a lot should have one at home. Place it next to or under your bed and within a few days you will notice that the complaints diminish and that you sleep better. I therefore call them 'miracle pyramids'. You don't have to believe in it, it just works! Is your child sleeping badly? Place a small pyramid next to the bed on the nightstand or under the bed. Migraine or a lot of headaches? An orgonite offers a solution. The small orgonites (7x6 cm) are personal orgonites with a range of max. 15 m2, the medium (12 x 10 cm) have a range of max. 35 m2 and the large (19 x 15 cm) a range of 200 m2. The orgonites are in pyramid shape and work best when placed with one side in the north corner of the room or next to your bed or under your bed for clear dreams and a deep night's sleep.

I get very good reviews on the orgonites:
I sleep like a bear'
'I have lucid dreams' '
The energy in the room is more positive'
'My cat is hypnotized' '
My partner is less grumpy' (I hear more often!)
'It works great! Our girls and we have the pyramids in our bedrooms. Our youngest sleeps better and we also sleep deeper. '
"We are very happy with the pyramids!"

Orgonite pyramids have a special effect. Ancient civilizations already knew about orgone energy, but Wilhelm Reich from Austria rediscovered it. The orgonites provide optimal positive energy in the room, the frequency is increased and negative energy is transformed. So it can also improve relationships! It has a healing effect on humans, animals and plants. Place the orgonite next to your plant that needs a topping and you will see the difference. Place it next to your bed for a deep night's sleep and clear dreams. Your energy field will then be cleaned up overnight. Put it on your body in case of pain.

The resin and pyramid shape magnify the energy of the stones, gold leaf and copper spiral x 10. An orgonite is also ideal for healers and masseurs, who receive many clients. This way you don't have to clean the room with sage every time, because the orgonite does the work and you never have to charge it. It charges itself. The copper coil conducts electrical voltage and converts negative energy into positive energy. The pyramid shape creates increased energy fields and transforms negative energy. They are real ghost busters, radiation busters and purifiers! They usually sell out quickly, but we regularly order a new collection.

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